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Lotus Mama Light

I have learned that the power of yoga yokes and binds you to your spiritual path. The act of binding and being pulled in the direction of your purpose is in itself a daily practice. As the beautiful psalmist suggests perhaps yoga can "lead you beside the still waters and it can restore your soul".  
During my spiritual journey, I have noticed that many spiritual paths encourage the idea of non-attachment, yet the irony of yoga ( in my opinion) creates a subtle permanence to an everlasting knowing of truth, peace, and compassion. I wholeheartedly practice Kundalini yoga but all forms of yoga trumpet the same message of oneness with the Divine power within all of us. As a person of color practicing Kundalini, I hope to dismantle stereotypes and offer healing to anyone who is open to grow. Lotus Mama Light offers a unique form of yoga that uplifts the heart, mind, and soul.


Nikki is sincere and authentic; taking one of her classes is like entering a sacred space. She is loving and gentle and creates an environment in which all are welcome and respected. She emits so much love and joy, it's contagious.

Marybeth G

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